Bakery + Café

Not only is it our mission to provide great food, but we also strive to hand make great breads and pastries for your enjoyment. Nearly half of our kitchen is designated to making over twenty types of artisanal breads and more than fifty different cakes, pastries and cookies.

Everyday Breads

Everyday we make our breads fresh and bake them in our stone deck ovens so we can offer you the finest and freshest breads in town. We appreciate the enthusiastic praise our bread receives. Our recipe is simple: The very finest natural ingredients combined with constant effort and our authentic love for baking old world style breads.

Come by and enjoy our home baked Multigrain, Honey Wheat, Sourdough, Old Fashioned White, Pumpernickel, Chewy Ciabatta, Crunchy Pan Rustique, Cranberry Raisin & Walnut, Traditional Jewish Ryes- with or without seeds, onion poppy and corn, French Baguette, French Dinner Rolls, Raisin Walnut Rolls, Multigrain & Ciabatta Rolls. We also bake fresh Challah Bread on Fridays and Saturdays year round.

Breakfast Bakes

Our Breakfast Bakes are the best way to start any day! From buttery, flakey croissants, to a variety of fresh bagels, danishes and muffins, stop by & couple them with a fresh brewed coffee for a perfect morning. Need a breakfast platter & coffee for a meeting? Your staff and clients will love your choice of Joanna’s Marketplace. And we can deliver it straight to you!

Pastries & Individual Cookies

Our pastries have often been called a little piece of Paris in Miami. Indulge your taste buds with everything from decadent cakes, freshly made pies, beautiful cookies to the most delicate buttery pastries. Need a dessert for a party? Call us and we’ll box that up for you, the host will thank you! Or contact our Catering Department for large orders for your next gathering.

Like kids and laughter or Saturday night and movies go hand in hand, so does a delicious breakfast at Joanna’s. Pair up any of our fabulous gourmet coffees with breakfast favorites like our flaky croissants, bagels, danishes or muffins to name just a few.


Stop by on your way to work or meet with friends after drop off, the café bar at joanna’s marketplace is always the perfect place to get a cup-a-jo’ on the go, or to sit and enjoy the market surroundings. We offer made to order gourmet coffees like tried and true lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas as well other specialties and seasonal coffees.

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